Ascension Through User-Focus

It’s a messy, complex world out there. It is my mission to smooth the wrinkles by creating design solutions that address user-centered passions and needs. I develop deep empathy for users and system-engagement through a variety of research methods followed by rumination, prototyping and adjustment. Both a professional designer and writer, I combine both skills to solve problems, engage users, and create designs that aim for the stratosphere.


Creating a Cafe Experience

User research, service blueprint and persona creation led to a cafe designed to appeal to the technorati and creative class of the RiNO district.

Tea Packaging System

A branding/packaging system designed to stand out on shelves and service a younger emerging demographic.

Rocky Flats Cold War Museum

A human-centered museum system that addressed the complicated history of the Cold War and Rocky Flats.

Colorado DMV Rebrand

A rebrand of the Colorado DMV highlighting positive human-centered changes.

Typeface Creation

A typeface with goals of balance, weight, consistency, readability and character.

Gig Posters

I do regular work for local bands to keep me fresh and pushing my conceptual and artistic boundaries.